Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque was built to surpass Hagia Sophia. I think it succeeded.

The Blue Mosque is at the opposite end of a square from Hagia Sophia so it’s easy to see the two mosques together.  

exterior at night

We saw the outside of the Blue Mosque the night we arrived. 

The following day we visited the inside. The Blue Mosque did not have an entry fee when we visited. There was also no line. 

Here you need to remove your shoes and women need to wear head coverings. Shelves are available for shoes. Since this trip included several places where shoes need to be removed it made for a minor packing challenge. 

At the Blue Mosque the tourist area is along the side of the prayer floor. 

shoe storage at mosque

The Blue Mosque is over a thousand years newer than Hagia Sophia. I think the Blue Mosque is prettier. It felt light and airy

The outside is also beautiful.