Bellagio Hamlets Walk

The beautiful "Walk around the Hamlets of the Lakeside of Bellagio" brochure is published by the local tourist office. We picked up our copy at our hotel but we saw copies elsewhere in town, in different languages.

The walk goes across the peninsula and back, then down the coast to San Giovanni. It was a pleasant not-too-difficult walk and the weather cooperated. The rain held off. 

The walk begins at the top of Bellagio and crosses over the spine of the peninsula to the lakeside on the other side. You then cross back over either via the main road or a side route. We took the main road hoping to run across a supermarket but didn’t see one. 

terraced hillsides
As we crossed the peninsula we got a good look at the terraced hillsides.

Back on the west or Bellagio side of the peninsula are more gorgeous views, plus a spot where you can walk right down to the lake. There’s a snack bar and a stony beach.

We don't know if he was hoping for handouts but we had nothing for him..

The walk continues down the coast to San Giovanni, where there’s a “flying bicycles” house. The owner is a collector and ran out of room inside so they started hanging them outside. 

Heading back to Bellagio, the brochure recommends crossing the grounds of Villa Melzi. We wanted to devote more time to that so we went around. As you get closer to Bellagio you enter a pedestrian boulevard landscaped with flowering trees and shrubs. We took 3.5 hours to do the advertised 2 hour walk with lots of pauses.