Botanic Gardens

flagstone path

We debated between Gardens by the Bay and the Singapore Botanic Gardens and decided why not both? The Botanic Gardens were calm and free.

Light Show

supertree lit

The sound and light show is pretty and free. We timed our visit so we could be there for that. Get there well before dark to get a decent seat.

Floral Fantasy

floral dragon

Floral Fantasy is about flower arrangements. Elaborate flower arrangements. If I had to miss one thing at Gardens by the Bay, it would be this.

Flower Dome

dragon with ball

The Flower Dome is part of Gardens by the Bay. You need to purchase a ticket for it. It focuses on plants from a Mediterranean climate.

Cloud Forest

mist in dome

The Cloud Forest dome is part of Gardens by the Bay. You need to purchase a ticket for it. It’s a magical place and worth the price.

Gardens by the Bay

flowers and city skyline

Gardens by the Bay is one of the things that drew me to Singapore and was a highlight of our visit. It was worth the price of admission to all the extras.

Night Safari

sleeping lion

The Night Safari is a rare opportunity to see nocturnal animals when they’re active. There are walking trails to get up close and personal, a free tram, and a show.


temple roof with cow

We saw several types of temples while rambling around Singapore. All were beautifully detailed.


pagoda roof

Singapore was the mix of traditional and modern that I was hoping for. Gardens by the Bay was the highlight for us.