Arches National Park

Arches National Park is famous for arches, especially Delicate Arch. There's so much more to the park. We spent two days exploring it.

There are several smaller areas of Arches National Park that are worthwhile. We combined these with longer hikes and larger areas (Devil’s Garden, Delicate Arch, The Windows) to make the most day of our time. 

Sand Dune Arch

The opening to Sand Dune arch is a narrow no passing zone. It’s an 0.3 mile round trip walk.

Once there you almost feel like you’re indoors. 

Broken Arch

It’s a 1.3 mile round trip walk to Broken Arch. It’s through flat grassland so pretty painless. The rock formations around Broken Arch are interesting too.


The scenic overlooks are also worth a stop.

Balanced Rock

Balanced Rock is interesting to wander around. It looks different from every angle.

Courthouse Towers and Park Avenue

The bottom two photos are of the front and side of the tower. Yes, they’re really thin. 

We also spent some time watching rock climbers.