Angel’s Landing Hike

Angel's Landing is one of the most famous trails in the park and one of the most challenging. It's great even if you don't climb the spine at the end.

We did the Angel’s Landing hike but not the part with the chains. The rest of the trail was fairly steep but paved. And busy. 

Initially, the trail is pretty flat as is crosses the valley floor. Then it ascends in a series of switchbacks across the face. Sometimes you can see hikers above you; sometimes not. 

Besides the glorious mountain and canyon scenery there is interesting rock detail up close. Much of the trail is paved and easy footing. In many places you can walk side-by-side. 

As you ascend views of the valley and details of the cliffs open up. 

This is Scout’s Landing, where the tough part of the trail begins. Climbing the spine involves climbing on rocks and holding onto chains. The chains just looked like way too much stress and trouble. We didn’t like the idea of getting held up by other people or of being concerned about holding up others. 

So we went in the opposite direction, up the West Rim trail instead, at the recommendation of a park volunteer. The scenery was still beautiful and we had the trail almost to ourselves. 

Going back down the trail gives you an appreciation of what you came up! There is shade along the way. 

The views are stunning coming back down too. Just because it isn’t a loop doesn’t mean you don’t see different things on the way back!