Amorgos Touring

We'd heard that the drive along the spine of Amorgos was one of the best in the islands so we rented a car. It is a beautiful drive.

Leaving Aegiali, the road initially hugs the coastline. We saw the first of many goats.

Our first stop was the famous Hozoviotissa monastery that’s built into a cliff. We didn’t climb all the way up to the monastery, just a short way up. It was a lot of steps and it didn’t look like the inside of the monastery was terribly interesting. Plus the parking lot was really small and we didn’t want to get blocked in.

You also get nice views of Agia Anna from there. 

After that we headed for the beach at the opposite end of the island. It was a long but pretty drive on some winding and narrow roads with lots of goats for company but not a lot of traffic.

The beach looked promising. There were sun loungers and umbrellas and a small beach cantina. Not very busy. Shallow water, sandy beach, and some rocks in the water close to shore. So if we go that way we’ll take our water shoes with us.

We spent a few minutes checking out the beach and then headed back and went to Katapola, passing a famous shipwreck along the way.

We also drove by Chora, though we didn’t stop. We’ll see other Choras on this trip.

We figured out where our ferry will dock and where to drop off the rental car and then went to a restaurant called Ameni for lunch. We were the only customers there. (There was one customer who left when we got there.) We had a nice chat with our server about Amorgos and COVID both here and in the US. She said they get lots of people who come over from Santorini and appreciate the quietness of Amorgos. While walking back to the car we saw odd looking geese in the shade by the waters edge in Katapola.

We think there are more goats than vehicles on Amorgos. At least we saw more on our drive!