Amalfi and Positano

We did a ferry "tour" of Amalfi and Positano by simply taking the public ferry from Sorrento and stopping at each for a couple of hours.

A couple of hours each was more than enough. There isn’t a whole lot to do in either place other than eat, shop, or hike. We didn’t have enough time (or agility) to hike and didn’t see much that we wanted to buy. We opted to stop at Amalfi first, since Positano was reputed to have the better beach and if we ended up at the beach, better toward the end of the trip.

First was a long stretch down to the end of the peninsula and around, with a peek at Capri.  (This is not Capri.)

off shore islands

Positano was the first stop, though we didn’t get off there. Yet. 

It’s amazing to think of the effort that it took to build in this area. Pirates are a motivator. 

coast between Positano and Amalfi

Here’s the waterfront at Amalfi. 

Lots of ferries, lots of buses, lots of people. We liked the sculptures with gaps at the docks. 

In both towns narrow streets lead back from the waterfront. Amalfi had a couple of areas where there were miniature figures. We don’t know why. 

I was so mesmerized by the detail on the church I didn’t notice the tower on the hill behind it. 

tower on hill

Amalfi does have a beach though it was more pebble than sand. We found a place where we could sit looking over the water and had a drink and a sandwich.


We had good seats on the ferry for our short trip from Amalfi back to Positano. The visibility was better too. 

Positano has a more expansive and expensive beach. After walking around for a while we found a beach bar to have a drink. $30 for a beer and a lemon spritz. And some snacks. But hey, it was like being at the beach without the sand getting everywhere. We found a nearby restaurant where beer was only $10 and had a late lunch. 

This cute dog and its human were on the same timetable as us. We saw them on every boat. The boat back to Sorrento was full so we had to sit indoors downstairs. It was a nice day out but we  would have been fine with a half-hour or so in each town. Or just staying on the boat.

cute dog
sun through ferry window